The Cows Will Thank You! a vegetarian (and sometimes vegan) food blog


Welcome to The Cows Will Thank You, a vegetarian and sometimes vegan food and recipe blog.

The website is ran by Rae, a 24-year-old, 90% vegetarian, 20% vegan living in Philadelphia.  All the recipes on here have been Rae tested, Rae approved (and approved usually by Rae’s girlfriend and friends too).  Some of the recipes are adapted from cookbooks or websites, some are original and the source is always noted.

So why eat vegan or vegetarian?  The thought of being vegetarian or eek, even a vegan, usually scares the pants off most carnivores.  The words seem to conjure horrible childhood flashbacks of mounds of uneaten veggies growing cold and congealing on our plates, our parents sneering at us from across the table.  I used to think the same!

One day in April of 2009 after being slightly brainwashed by the food documentary Food Inc. I, in the same way I’d impulse buy a new pair of jeans, declared that I was a vegetarian.  Ouila.  We gave all our meat to our confused but appreciate hardcore South Philly neighbor Joe, and set sail on the high seas of vegetarianism.

When I was eating meat, food was boring.  All my dinner table (er, tv folding tray) pretty much saw was meat, potatoes and veggies and some variation there of over and over again.  When I decided to go veg, it was like a flood gate of creativity opened up and I was swiftly carried away in a current of exciting new tastes and methods of cooking.  I’m still riding that wave, and hope to never get washed up on Meat and Potatoes island ever again!

I’ve fallen in love with cooking.  It’s a way to focus my ever-so-wandering attention span into something positive that will benefit anyone who is around and hungry. Almost every time I invite my meat eating friends over, they gobble down one of my veg dishes and say “omg that was so good, who knew vegetarians could eat like this!?”  Nothing makes me happier or gives me more self assurance than to know I’m nourishing my loved ones with healthful food, while still managing to hold their taste buds as a captive audience.

That being said, all the recipes on this blog are stuff that I made that can be served to just about anyone and your dinner guests (or just you and your dog) will be utterly impressed with how delicious the meal is.  So enjoy!


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